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I don't plan on having tiers for everything. Basic covers everything that I would like to offer for the time being. 

If you decide to become a member of my channel, You'll get a shout out in the next video that I record and I will be truly thankful for as long as you continue to enjoy the channel! 

Feel free to ask me a question that I will also try to answer on a separate video, that will be made once I hit a certain amount of patrons. This target will change over time as the channel and community grow, so don't be afraid to get in there early!



About Dak Dak

Welcome to DakDaks Gaming Channel!

I really love playing games, but in the past few years I've played less and less. Instead I decided to start watching other people play games on Youtube, and I found that I loved watching other people play.After about a year of watching different people it made me think about doing it myself. I started off by making a few videos just to see how it felt. It turns out that I love playing games again and I don't mind doing it while recording for others to see!

I don't claim to be a professional gamer, but I'd like to think i'm decent at it. This channel is about making great videos where people can have a laugh while they watch, point out my mistakes - and also laugh more as I make them, and hopefully the long term dream is to do this as a full time job!

I know this is going to be a long drawn out idea, but I have no intentions of this taking off instantly. With help from all of you I would like to make this dream real.
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When I get my first 50 patrons I will make a seperate video where I will answer some questions that have been asked by patrons. I will also give a bit of a chat about how my current situation is, give out some possible updates on how the channel is doing and where it is going from here!
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