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About DakaraJayne

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well?
Thanks so much for checking out my Patreon page! 
I have a small channel on youtube & I feel really proud with how far we've come :) everyone is always so lovely & I hope this great community flows onto this platform as well-you guys are great!
I create reaction videos, gaming videos & general chatty videos on youtube. I enjoy creating content & chatting to you guys online about it. Your thoughts, your opinions & your advice are mucho appreciated. I tend to wing it & hope for the best so your patience with me is inspiring haha.
As some of you are aware, Youtube ads & Reactions don't really mix...I'm hoping that Patreon will help with this. I'm just gonna see how this goes...wish me luck!

P.S if you're here from my Youtube channel because there's a reaction video missing from a playlist & you really want to see it, just drop me a message & i'd be happy to help with that :)

If you'd like to send anything...

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