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The Ellen Tier
per month
Ellen Degeneres has won the hearts of America with her small acts of kindness and giving where it matters the most, to people who need it.  I plan on doing the same with the help of the Patreon Community.  

Every single Penny will be injected right back into the community and every single dollar will matter!

The Branson Tier
per month
Richard Branson is a philanthropist who has decided to donate all of his profits in his transportation businesses over the next decade (3 Billion Dollars) So choosing this tier will celebrate his endeavors and you will be making a huge difference through your generosity! 

All 300 pennies will be going towards the greater good.

Exclusive access to videos before launched on youtube via Email!

The Sky Tier
per month
I work Full-Time as a Product Support Analyst at the moment, but this is my true calling.  I want to make a difference in the lives of others and change the world one act at a time

This tier will go to support myself and my pursuit of a better world.  

You will receive all content Via Email prior to launch!

The Bill Gates Tier
per month
Bill Gates has donated over 20+ Billion Dollars over his career and stands alone atop the philanthropic pyramid.  To honor his donations, this tier recognizes those who share the same sentiment as he.

You will receive content before anyone else via Email

You will have your name on each Youtube video as a sign of gratitude for your contribution. 




per month

About Dollar Squad

My name is Sky Beck, and this Patreon is all about Philanthropy. 

Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others. 

With that being said, we journey through this world searching for that bigger purpose.  Some people find their calling and others struggle with the fact that they may never make a true difference in the lives of others.  

That all can change, TODAY!  

Every Video that will be posted to the channel will be because of YOU, the Dollar Squad.  Joining this team will give every second of your life a true purpose, giving even something as small as a dollar every month.  The beauty is you never know when that dollar that is being used to help the community, is yours.  

Together, we can make the world a better place.  Let's do this...
$0 of $5,000 per month
  • I will eat a Carolina Reaper for the cause! (I am horrible with spicy things) 
  • I will Tip 4 different waitresses that are in need 500 dollars in a special video
  • I will do 300 pushups a day for 30 consecutive days
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