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Hi Everyone, my name is Dalton, and as you probably know, I do ASMR. Really happy to have you checking things out here with me on my Patreon. Essentially, this is the place for us to get a bit closer but it's also a chance to help support me in what I really enjoy doing. Getting started in video making is challenging, but I like challenges. I can't pretend that all of the problems and difficulties that come with an opportunity like this will just disappear over time. That's why I'm excited to have this option available to us too, because I know that together we can make things grow and improve even more quickly than I ever could accomplish on my own.

ASMR is a benefit to all of us, and whether we've been listening to it or seeking it for a long time or even just discovered it recently it is clear that we can gain a lot from it if we use it to help relax ourselves in times of stress and frustration. For me, there's never been something I couldn't wash away with the sound of asmr, in one of its forms or another. That's the magnificence of it too, isn't it? There is never one form, and new ones will always be discovered.

In the years that I've known about asmr, which was essentially since I was a small child, I never imagined that I would have the potential or will to bring it to someone, anyone else in my life. I didn't even think that anyone else could possibly feel it even. Here I am though, with all of my good friends and people who believe in me and care about what we can do here.

I know aid can be a lot to ask from someone, anyone really. You have to debate with yourself why it would ever be worth it, so of course I want it to be worthwhile to you too. Rest assured that anything coming through this page will be well sorted out into new equipement, props, triggers and anything that we can come up with to help improve the potential of each individual piece of content being produced on the channel.

Thanks again for stopping by, I really appreciate it and I look forward to having you here too!
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This is really going to help me start to acquire equipment better suited for making asmr videos.  Tripods, microphones and lightning are at a bare minimum right now.
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