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      Hiya!~ I'm Damianaid. I make idiotic videos on YouTube, Webcomics, Art, and sometimes just... whatever I'm "Feeling" like making.
Skeletons are Awesome, I drink enough soda to turn my blood into ACID, and I'm Vertically Challenged.

      This Patreon is a Dedicated Tip Jar for any of my Fans/Followers/Supporters to donate a few bucks, if they feel like it. I'd open a Normal donation pool but, I'd rather use Patreon so I can start Giving Back if I gain enough traction.

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  • Thank you for the Tip! Every bit counts and is put to good use. I love you, I really do, but lets be honest... you could have totally bought a Burger with that. Think about it. 
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  • The fact that you've tipped this much is amazing to me. <3 But, that's a whole meal at Burger King if you think about it...
  • AccessAll Content (Current and Future) ((Example)) - Exclusive Comics, Videos, Resources, ect.
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  • Let me just say, thank you, SO VERY MUCH for the donation. You are Gods and Goddesses to me. I really wish I could offer you something amazing, and maybe in the future that will be possible, sadly, all I can really offer is the Promise of "Closed Betas" for any games I might make. All previous content comes with this tier, of course, but... I really, really want to give you something better. I'll figure this out in time.. until then, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
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If we hit this goal, I'll be able to quit any Day-job I may have, and will be working from home 24/7, for all of you. It's not much, but it's enough to pay rent and afford Fuel that isn't Ramen.
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