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 Congratulations on joining the league! 

-You are requested a free reward of any character head shot/bust sketch of your choice for supporting me

-You get random sketch previews on the upcoming webtoon episodes and some character artworks.

-Random episode teasers for current webtoon "My First Harem Anime Club."

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-Random previews and exclusive art sketches 

-Sneak peaks of random parts of the scripts for upcoming episodes

-A "Thank you" mention in the upcoming episodes including random shout outs from me to you!

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 "You've reached a higher potential...your... STRONGER! And now you're an greater Unit! No one else can stand in your way." 

-Faster access to other art, sketches, and scripts for my future webtoons series

-Big random shout outs and mentions in upcoming episodes of the series

-Script preview on the next future episodes further in the series

-Random art works on fan art and doodles for my next future webtoons




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Hello everyone! I'm Dan Jin, also known as GH07 or Dan Black, the creator of My First Harem Anime Club?! and Harem Life Of Dai. You can find both Webtoons on the LINE Webtoons App or the Webtoons primary website. I'm also a Professional hobbyist Artist intending to get featured and become a full-time Webtoon creator in the future. Please help me by supporting me through Patreon! You can also find me on Instagram and deviantArt. Anything will help a hungry school kid at heart grow stronger! Smell ya later!
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When I reach this goal for $50 I'll produce more episodes for my Webtoon to reach as fast online on a weekly basis and make the project for my other Webtoon series start happening! That includes exclusive discounts on commissions only to Patreon supporters, free speed paint sketch bust works on ANY character of your liking, random teasers, and a BIG thank you shout out to my supporters! Please support a lone warrior to achieve that goal! :) You'll be greatly rewarded! Thanks again!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
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