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About DanDrives

Hey DanDrives fans! Thanks for checking this out.

What is this Patreon thing, anyways?
Well, Patreon is a site that lets creators, like me, engage with their audience, that’s you, in a tangible way. Patreon helps creators fund their channels in a way that gives their audience access to special stuff.

So why DanDrives?
DanDrives is a project of passion. Recent changes to how YouTube doles out delicious advertising revenue means the entire channel is currently out of pocket. Making videos is time consuming. Driving cars requires fuel. That costs money. Which is why we're launching this Patreon.

What will DanDrives do with the money?
Simple; Buy a Porsche 918 Spyder!

No, really.
OK, ok. But, DanDrives does have a few goals that Patreon can fund:
  • Proper microphone. DanDrives sounds terrible. Most of that is my voice, but some of it is the fact DanDrives is recorded on a tattered old gaming headset.
  • GoPro. Because what’s a YouTube channel without a GoPro?
  • Gas money. You know, the thing that one friend is always asking you for.
There’s also some big picture things DanDrives could do:
  • Production values. Right now, DanDrives is edited by Dan. With enough Patreon money, DanDrives could be made by a real-life video editor. Imagine that! We also have some videographers and photographers that we’d love to work with. But, because they’re so good, they’re super busy. So, we need to buy their time.
  • Finally, from the pipe dream department, comes expanding DanDrives. In a dream world, Patreon money could fund a production budget for actual entertainment, not just reviews. Road trips, special guests, maybe even a movie. Who knows!

So, what do I get if I contribute?
$1 a month gets you our sincere Gratitude. Seriously. At $5, you get gratitude PLUS a personalized thank you note from the hosts at DanDrives! Move up to $15 a month, and you’ll get access to a monthly podcast, which includes Q&A from my Patreon people! $25 a month, what are you, nuts? Now you have deciding power. Help choose which cars appear on DanDrives. Want to spend more? It just gets better from there! Check out the awards for more details (they're just over there on the right).

No matter what, we're just thankful you’re a DanDrives viewer!
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New equipment! Watch as production values slowly improve thanks to new recording gear.
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