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Follow me on my journey around the world communicating with all walks of life through the universal language of the JAM (improvised musical collaboration)

I love creating music with different types of people. After being a part of various bands growing up I found that creating and performing music was never as comfortable or satisfying as it should be. After the standard indoctrination of higher education mixed in with a bit of travelling, a campervan at some point, meeting an incomprehensible amount of inspirational people and obviously a hell of a lot of partying I realised that I am only truly satisfied when I am part of musical collaboration that is spontaneous and involves minimal planning.

A jam like this becomes a language, It's like a dance between artists who each express their musical identities that then combine to create a unique musical piece/performance.

Being a videographer by trade, naturally I capture these jams on video so my patreon channel is dedicated to displaying these jams...

Become a Patron and follow me around the world whilst I collaborate through the universal language of - Music Jams! The higher the pledge per month will increase the access to premium content and even special features such as personalised freestyle jams dedicated to a particular Patron.
Much Love
Dan x
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10 jams on my page for the public to view for free. This will give my page a diverse range of types of Jams I will be conducting and documenting on my travels.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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