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Settle in, join the fun, and try to ignore that shambling movement in the shadows.

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For $2, you get a cushion to sit on by the fire. Okay, it's a metaphorical cushion, but then again... it's a metaphorical fire.

This tier is for those kind folks who want to pitch in a little something extra, and help me buy a Monster (my caffeine delivery vehicle of choice). 

In exchange, you'll get my eternal gratitude and an imaginary cushion.

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PS: It is totally cool to bump up to this level right before a holiday, collect your card, then drop down again.

PPS:  You also get imaginary embroidering on your imaginary cushion.




My name is Dan, and I tell stories. 

Some of those stories are about violent criminals doing violent things. Others are weird tales about science gone awry, or middle-school noir. My debut novel TITANSHADE comes out in 2019.  

You may notice that this is a pretty laid back Pateron. That's by design.
My main job is writing stories, and I want to focus on that. However, sometimes people ask how they can help keep the stories coming. If you're one of those people, this page is for you. 

But hey: if just stumbled onto this page by accident, thank you, too! The simple fact that you're reading this means that you are clearly an open, discerning, and wonderful person. Or your browser has locked up. EITHER WAY, I hope you'll consider becoming a patron.

What is a Patron?

I'm glad you asked!

Writers and artists once relied on wealthy patrons to help cover the costs of making art, whether that meant buying supplies or paying living expenses. Italian families like the Medicis and Borgias helped spur the Renaissance by supporting sculptors, painters, and writers (when they weren't busy marrying their cousins and poisoning their enemies.)

Today, technology has spurred a modern artistic renaissance, and it also allows everyone to be a patron without first dominating the textile industry through nepotism and murder.
Or maybe that's your thing. I'm not judging. 

Cutting to the chase:
- I only have a few pledge levels, because my main job is writing stories, and I want to focus on that.
- Pledges are per month. You don't pay any additional when I put out additional material. And all payments are under your control.
- I release random thoughts and background info as often as is entertaining. You will have first access to some of that information, along with open-to-the-public photos, announcements, and more.

Every little bit helps, and all levels of support are appreciated. So sign up and become a patron. Or just hang out and enjoy the public posts. Either way: welcome to the party!

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