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About Dandelion Boy

Currently This patreon has 3 objectives:

1). To gather patrons to allocate funding toward profesional musical instruments, equipment, and engineering.
Currently I need:
A flameco guitar (Price to be determined)
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface ($160)
Aura Spectrum DI PreAmp ($374)
EHX Pitchfork ($174)

2). To gather patrons to allocate funding to the production of merchandising (clothing, CDs, hygiene products ect.)

3). To gather patrons to allocate funding to print shirts that will intice conversations on topics regarding race, sex, and economic based discrimination within the United States (especially the South). Become a patron today.

Words seldom succeed in ever being loud or clear enough unless the reciever is ready to recieve them. Yet, no one is deaf to the volume of an action; so, action is my chosen first language and words are my second.
$0 of $300 per month
I have a desire to make larger contributions to my communities and make larger strides in the protest for Black Lives. Therefore, I'm creating this kickstarter to raise money to create shirts to push the deparately needed conversations even further within the racist and rural south of Louisiana.
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