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About Danniel J Strider

My name is Dann and I'm an independent freelance artist. I specialize in Digital Art and Traditional Illustration and I am currently going to college for Multimedia Art Production

Danekez has been my name online for the past ten years and now that I'm older I've begun to turn it into my brand. I Created this Patreon to give early access to my art and exclusive access to my studies and schoolwork. I upload on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

By becoming my Patron you are helping me build my career as an artist, put out more content, improve my skills, and you're becoming a direct influence on the content that I produce and publish!
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This isn’t the first milestone on my way to independence! Once this goal is fulfilled, I’ll comfortably be able to travel regularly to place some like school, into town, and potentially to local conventions.
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