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About Daniel Accorsi

Hi, my name is Daniel Accorsi, I've been a software developer for over 25 years and always looking for challenges. I joined the game development world a few months ago, starting with personal learning courses and projects using the Godot Engine platform.

My goal at Patreon is to receive financial support for:

1. Create consistent and complete work on developing open source (and future commercial) games. The news will be published here in Patreon and also in other places (we will tell you here).

2. Create a culture of game development, demystifying the difficulty imposed over the years. We have the creativity and knowledge to start great projects.

3. As we learn and evolve in knowledge, I intend to make content available to supporters, such as courses (in videos or texts), tutorials, tips, and access to other restricted and open content. See in "posts" here at Patreon.

4. I am starting with simple and constant projects, but as subscribers come in and get to know them, I will create channels of incentives, communities and content in the most diverse areas within the context of game development.

🚀 I am currently developing gradually and unhurriedly the game Dry Bones Valley. A 2D Pixelated RPG. There are no definite goals yet (it's almost). The idea was (and is being) evolving as learning and community participation.

You can download the versions and follow the news on this site: https://daniel-accorsi.itch.io/dry-bones-valley (I'll publish here as well).

I am happy with your support to be able to create more projects. ;) You find some support options here on the side. It starts with only $ 1.00.
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Create open source games, commercial games, game development content including programming, tooltips for PixelArt, use of platforms (starting with Godot Engine), courses, tutorials, tips. And especially learn more with you.
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