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Deeno-saur Smart electric toothbrush and app, uses gamification to teach kids to brush their teeth properly and improve dental hygiene

The Deeno-saur Smart Electric Toothbrush Connected to the Deeno App, provides an analytical platform for parents and fully integrated gamification for the kids, rewarding them for effective brushing habits. It is an incredibly fun and effective way to get children to look after their teeth properly and develop good habits from a young age for life. Your kids will now fall in love with brushing their teeth and With the coins earned, Feed, Clean, dress, and play with their virtual pet Deeno; staying engaged by unlocking new features and games, after successfully maintaining brushing behaviour.

50 years of psychological research have proven that having routines in place in the family reduces the level of stress, prevents conflicts and it helps the kids to be more organized, focused, independent, cooperative. It makes it easier for them to assimilate good habits and it also teach them to be on schedule. But to maintain routines it requires consistency and persistency.
The deeno-brush experience is all about making effective oral care engaging and fun at all times for kids… this is from the very first moment they see the Premium Deeno Box, so that they appreciate the quality (it’s not just a toy), to when they see the deeno brush, (inspired by the Deeno Character), the cute bulging eyes staring back from the product handle… It really is a brush with a fantastical life of its own, so that ,when connecting the brush to the App they simply fall in love with their virtual pet Deeno, as Deeno teaches them proper practices of Dental Health.

CUTTING EDGE SMART BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY - The Deeno-saur Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush for kids, is the latest in Health Tech smart devices. At the forefront of innovation, the Deeno brush was developed by academics and engineers in Brazil’s No.1 private university, UNISINOS, and specifically in its dedicated technology Park TECHNOSINOS which was voted best Tech Park in Brazil in 2010 & 2014.

INTERACTIVE APP GETS KIDS EXCITED ABOUT BRUSHING - With the Deeno Brush For Kids toothbrush and app, children can discover how to brush properly on their own. The app syncs with your child's sonic toothbrush via Bluetooth to encourage proper brushing techniques and track performance. Kids can see how well they brush, and earn exciting rewards for a job well done. It's educational and effective, and ensures kids brush better and for longer. It's the fun way to help kids develop healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime
LOOK AFTER THE VIRTUAL PET DEENO BY BRUSHING CORRECTLY – With the coins earned for successfully achieving the daily brushing targets, that had been previously set by the parents, Kids are now able to care for and play with their pet Deeno. Look after Deeno is his Home, cleaning him and brushing his teeth in the bathroom, feeding him in the kitchen, sending him to bed or dressing him in various clothes items and accessories in the bedroom, or finally play with him outside in the garden. Kids will have hours of fun and enjoyment playing Deeno Basketball, Deeno Lumberjack or Deeno Rocketman… with many new games and features available to unlock following successful long term brushing health being recorded on the app.

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