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Was not prepared to describe what I do. Since I have difficulty expressing on the spot, I'll try to make it simple.

  • Makes Music
    • Band name is The National Embarrassment
    • Founded in 2016
    • One can argue that it is a one-man band. My reality suggests otherwise.
    • Punk rock / post punk / rock n roll / garage punk
    • We have 2 EPs out (as of June, 2018)
      • The Embarrassment EP (2016)
      • Confessions Of An Insomniac (2018)
    • We're on Spotify (as of June, 2018)
    • Highly recommend to use earphones or headphones when listening to our songs.
      • Because it's a bit loud and we should be considerate with our surroundings.
    • Songs inspiration can range from my childhood real-life experience, to what happened few minutes ago.
      • I don't know how I could explain the thought process here; but there we go.
    • Will most likely make and write songs until the very end of time.
    • I can help you record/write music (if necessary).
    • This also work as my therapy.
  • Makes Comics
    • In relation with music, comics is the medium for the "band members" to be exposed.
    • It shows what goes on behind the scenes as musicians.
      • And as a family, sometimes.
      • Mostly based on real-life encounter with the society.
    • It's poorly drawn and there's a reason for that.
    • It is in black and white because... Well, kinda difficult to explain why I see life in black and white 
      • No, I'm not color blind.
    • The episodes can also be found on the same page here (for now)
    • Contains jokes, band life, band's "social life" and some public service announcements from the band themselves.
      • Rare interviews (Yes, believe it or not!)
      • Life struggle of some members.
    • Also have zine published under the hashtag: #TheEmbarrassingComicsPH
      • Basically explaining how the band originated.
    • Sells stickers, "merch" for the band by attending comic conventions.
      • Also selling the physical copies of EPs at these events
      • Invite me!
    • It's therapeutic, surprisingly. 
    • Most likely to make more comics until the end of time.

    If you are curious, let me know; message me.
0% complete
I can't think of anything for my "first goal". But after some consideration:
EDIT: Had to change/ lower my goal and ambitions because it was too ambitious.
  • Would probably release a cover song.
Will most likely to upgrade and repair some of my recording devices (for the music I'm making); strings, cables, etc...
  • Will also replenish art materials for the comics.
Small steps for now...
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