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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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I shouldn't tell you, but you actually get access to MOST patron content at this level. Literally, this is the real deal.

- Character outlines

- Discarded material (scenes, plot ideas, characters)

- Character naming thoughts

- Progress updates

- Creative process thoughts and behind-the-scenes

- Vlog and blog entries

Croque Monsieur Sandwhich
per month
Of course, you get access to all the goodies from Tier 1 (Grilled Cheese Sandwich), plus:

- First drafts of chapters, and scenes (spoiler-free, don't worry)

- Scans of my handwritten notes and scribblings

- Scans of my hand-drawn maps and doodles

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Limited (200 remaining)
per month
On top of the rewards from Tier 1 and Tier 2, you will gain the power to:

 - Receive a one-off signed postcard from me, from wherever I will be at the moment 

- Ask me questions related to the novel or my own life on Earth

- Skype with me (once a month), and talk about anything you want




Hello everybody! I'm currently writing my first novel. It's a classic low-fantasy story about a woman and her senile friend-of-fortune, forced to embark on a journey outside of their village and into the wide world, filled with interesting characters, adventure, and cheese. Hopefully, you will like it.

The scope of this Patreon is to share the "behind the scenes" of the stories and world(s) I love to create, with people who might appreciate it (that's YOU!). It's a way, if you wish, for me to give back something more "personal" than just the novel, and to interact with people who might read my book.

As my patron, for as little as the price of a cup of coffee ($1), you will have access to first drafts, character outlines, discarded material, occasional vlogs, blog posts, progress updates, character naming process, world building sketches, maps and notes, and all that stuff that I usually keep to myself or that's going on in my head (wait, that sounds like a threat, really...). I will also share super-secret ideas I'm having for my next novels or stories.

Patrons who will go the extra mile and donate something more will be allowed to ask me questions, and even Skype with me.

As a result of your support, I will be able to better support my craft and passion (I currently work full-time and my laptop even has missing keys, sigh), and devote more time to writing, editing, uploading and interacting with you all. Win-win, basically.

Sincere thanks to anyone who will even simply read this.

0% complete
At 500$ month, I will actually be able to quit one of my jobs (the most time-consuming one) and devote that time entirely to writing instead. Furthermore, in a couple of months, I will actually be able to afford a laptop with ALL the keys in place.

Upon reaching this tier, I will hold a raffle amongst all the patrons: the winner will get to name one character in the novel. That's it, I said it.
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