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About Dario Santacroce

"I print my sculptures. I print my tools. Am I still a sculptor?" - Dario Santacroce

Dario Santacroce
I am a sculptor exploring time as a metaphor, theory, experience, and idea through the use of simple forms and stone.

At age 16 I began working as apprentice to Carlo Ambrosoli, one of the professors at The Academia di Belle Arti in Rome. There I discovered that the boundaries of the explained and unexplained are blurred into shifting shades of grey.

Continuing my apprenticeships with Manuel Neri, Robert Gove, and Lode Tibos, I acquired the marble carving techniques needed for the realization of works that range in scale from small and intimate to monumental and imposing.

I am now established in my own sculptural universe, a world rich in symbols and archetypes with stone as the central metaphor of temporal perception. The exploration of perception as a fluid and changing experience became a driving force, and one that pushed me toward stone as a material. The same impulse has now led me to the use of superior technological tools to create my visions.

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Publish Retrospective Book
I will be able to secure publication of the 2018 Retrospective Book which will accompany the April show at Galerie Eulenspiegel in Basel, Switzerland.
All funds will be used for photography, design/layout fees and printing of the book.

Book Specifications: Hard cover, Full colour offset printing, 180 pages, Edition of 1000 copies. Book will be in four languages: English, German, French and Italian        

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