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About DariusSlayer

Why should you pledge?
  • I have found that the community interaction experience would be enhanced with a dedicated laptop made for streaming, which I hope to purchase with your pledges.
  • To increase the quantity and quality of games that you suggest
  • Become a part of the creation
  • Receive awesome rewards

  • Ok, but why are you doing this?
    I've been a gamer ever since I picked up that Nintendo controller back in 1985. I love to show what I can do and interact with those watching.  I enjoy playing games with people, commenting on what I play, and just having fun.  

    If you enjoy watching my videos, please feel free to show support by pledging, or you can go to my GameWisp channel and select a tier that you'd wish to support: gamewisp.com/user/dariusslayer

    You mentioned briefly about creating vlogs.  What would they be about?
    Good question, sir/ma'm!  They would consist of what I've done for the day/week, including my thoughts on what is going on in the gaming industry, pop culture, anime, and life in general.

    Is there a community that I can join?
    Yes, there is!  You can join me and other followers/Patrons here at my Discord channel.  In there, I'm updating everyone on what's going, what's to be expected with any special guests or games that I'll have, and sub-channels to talk about other topics.
    Select a membership level
    per month
    Thank you for your support!  I'll make sure to add your name to the Pledge Members in the description of my Twitch channel.  (Please let me know if you wish to not have your name publicly displayed)
    • 1500 Slayer Tomes
    • Priority chance to play with me!
    • Become a GuardSlayer (Mod) on Discord
    • Custome made Ashen (Dark Souls 3)
    • Song requests
    • Twitter shout-out
    • Twitter follow
    • Voter rights to creating Skyrim character
    • Discount code for Lyns Etsy shop
    Includes Discord rewards
    per month
    Past tier reward plus the following:
    • Follower decides next game to be streamed
    • 3200 Slayer Tomes
    • YouTube Live Q&A - Your questions answered
    • Voter Rights for Dark Souls character
    Includes Discord rewards
    per month
    Past tier rewards plus the following:
    • 6800 Slayer Tomes
    • Vote for a game that I will stream for one month
    • Patron voting on hair dye (You will be able to vote in subscriber polls on what color I will dye my hair for one month!)
    Includes Discord rewards
    per month
    Past tier rewards plus the following:
    • 15,000 Slayer Tomes
    • Private Co-op (Dark Souls 2 & 3, Diablo 3, ARK)
    • DariusSlayer T-Shirt from my RedBubble shop!
    Includes Discord rewards
    Elder GodSlayer
    per month
     Past tier rewards plus the following:  

    • 250,000 Slayer Tomes
    • DariusSlayer Teddybear
    • Drannaught Library Mug
    • Onesie Vote - You get to decide what kind of onesie I'll wear for that week!
    • Name + Tier In Streaming Panel
    Includes Discord rewards
    $0 of $1,200 per month
    Thank you so much for your support!  I can now purchase that sweet laptop so that I can entertain you with more (and better) games!

    Now you will be able to view and participate in a weekly FPS night on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The type of FPS games include both this geneneration and older, so we'll get a good mix of Quake, Doom, Unreal, and many others (including indie).  I'll host a private server with a password provided in my Discord channel.
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