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Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I'm on Patreon because ever since I was a kid I loved making up fantasy stories. The first series I'll be writing is called Limited Light. It focuses on the afterlife and is my own unique take on multiple religions/mythologies. I hope you will join me in this wonderful imaginary world.

Please note that while it is my main goal to create a fantastic and interesting story for many to enjoy and I am confident I can do that, I'm still not an amazing writer at least not yet. Practice makes perfect right? Also I'm nowhere near being the best artist but I put some low tier amateur drawings in my chapters to give you a brief idea of what the characters should look like.

On the plus side though, I actually already have the ending for my story planned out. So please try to bare through my slightly poor narration skills and amateur drawings. If you can do that I think you'll find the good does outweigh the bad. Allowing this to be a worthwhile experience. In short, I don't promise to be the best, however I do promise to try my best.
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  • Access to early drafts. 
  • Exclusive bonus chapters. Will mainly focus on side characters.
  • Q&A's for when you have questions.
  • Creative requests and influence. Want a character named after you? No problem, tons of characters that need a name. Or have an idea for character? Can't make any exact promises but maybe I can fit them in one of my stories.
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Establish a fanbase. After all it sure would be nice to know that I'm not doing all this just for myself. I promise you future fan(s) I will continue this series until the end. No matter how little money I make. (Of course with more money I could probably make the series better by hiring an artist and other things.)
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