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- Access to the "Patrons only" feed, where I upload exclusive content and updates. I usually post images and ideas of animations I'm currently working on, and then consider any feedback you have to offer (which is always helpful).
The DarkMatter Army
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- Access to the "Patrons only" feed, where I upload exclusive content and updates.
- I appreciate the people who support me and would like to acknowledge them in the videos. Some of these cartoons get millions of views, so I think that using the credits to list the people who tangibly support me is a cool way to say thank you.
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Just try not to commit any genocides, cool? Everything in the lower amounts, and prioritized accordingly in the credits. Thank you so much for your support.



About DarkMatter2525

I've been creating animations on YouTube since 2008. You can clearly see how they've greatly improved over the years. More quality mean more time and work involved. These days, a single animation can easily take hundreds of hours to complete, and it's a one-man operation. This leaves me in a bit of a conundrum, because my standards won't allow me to cut corners, yet it's difficult to sacrifice so much time and effort for this with a family to support. I decided to try Patreon as a way to help make it possible to devote the time required to keep going (Youtube money isn't very good for animators, because we can't upload frequently). Basically, your support will help make it possible for me to do this like a full time job. Pledges will be for future animations (not the ones I've already uploaded), and I also won't apply your pledges to videos that didn't take much work, like update or announcement videos. I've been averaging about one animation per month. Once in a while, I'm able to produce two in a month.

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