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About DarkPrime25

Hello! I am DarkPrime25. I love the number 25 and many other things.

I want to get to the point now so I don't waste your time. Honestly...this kind of thing is something I would normally not do. When I make videos on my channel, it's always for the fun of it. I love to make videos, I love to edit, and I love to make people laugh, as corny as that sounds.

There are plenty of people out there who are doing the exact same thing I am doing here. I understand that. I for one, do not require the need to make money off of this "business". But if it ever did come to fruition and I had that opportunity to actually make this a job, I would take it! That being said, my passion is still here. I love making content that I am proud of, and content that can make people laugh, if even just a little bit.

So with all that being said, if I am really going to make this a thing then I will for sure be uploading videos every day! With the exception of one day of the week that I am considering at the moment. But still, I am going to shoot for daily. I want this channel to grow and create a fun community with it. Expect this very soon.

So in conclusion, if you want to donate to me, go right ahead. But honestly, you don't have to. I will not force you to. No matter if you donate to me or not, I will always make videos no matter what happens. That's the truth. Thank you for reading.
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25 is the greatest number to ever exist. I could not describe the reason I love the number so much, as it would take years to write it down on this very description. Destiny had foretold me that the prophecy could become the ultimate power, while the legends of the past had realized that the true destiny of my well-being was within me all this time. The gods of the twenty and the five had foreseen this...and so the prophecy was finally recognized. Oh and if we reach this goal I'll do a giveaway <3
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