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My Introduction

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my Patreon page. My pen name used for these books is Zeno, based on quantum physics not the Greek philosopher; just to be clear, lol. I will be releasing the first/introductory chapter of "Dark Days: Only The Beginning" later today on my Facebook page, here and soon on other sites where I will be selling my book.

Dark Days will follow a new publishing model I think readers would enjoy for the same reason many of us gamers have enjoyed a similar model (episodic release) being used within that industry. Every two to three weeks a new segment/episode within the book/season will be released at a fraction of what the book as a whole would cost while being accompanied with a unique illustration hand drawn by an artist specifically for that segment/episode of the book. These segments will tie into one another to create a story about love, pain, perseverance, fate and how we shape our own path with every step within our journey despite what might lay on the trail behind us.

This book is loosely based on my own journey, but of course fantasized into a epic tale to make it way more entertaining then some old autobiography about myself, lol. Since I don't want this to come as a shock to any loyal patrons or anyone to think it means this book is just an attempt at a cash grab I want to state when it comes to fiction I personally prefer to get mine from games, not books; which is actually what this started off as twelve years ago....a script/story to a game I was going to make.

For the higher pledging contributors who get to do a special one on one Skype call with me this means there is so much back story to each character, including the monsters/demons, which has not made it into the books that they can ask me about. I will do regular/typical group Q&A video conference calls for all who pledge $3 or more though, and post recordings of these general Q&A for those pledging even just $1, so everyone can learn more about the Dark Days universe.

I hope you all enjoy it and that maybe, just maybe, this story helps touch someone in a positive way so they know they are not alone and that you can always choose your own path. ^_^

P.S I have a feeling this is going to be an exciting experience, possibly even one worth a whole new story but we will see.
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At this goal I want to offer a brief video chat personally thanking the patron(s) pledging since this first goal is a big step in the direction needed to make the Dark Days universe come alive! :D
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