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My eternal gratitude!
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A special and personal sketch of one of my OC's doing something!
Comes from the heart.
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Full sketch of anything you want! 
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I'm DarkDarren, also known as plainly "Darren", and I really want to be able to make a living making art as much as I possibly can and to be able to share it with others. Of course, I've not done much yet, or at least nothing big besides the occasional commission or project with friends. Although I spend a lot of time making fanart and dumb doodles, I really have a vision for something much bigger than just drawings of hot ladies (not that there's something wrong with that).

At the moment, I can't really do much or promise much, so I see this as more of a tip jar if you will, for people who just want to support what I do, so much of the content won't be extremely exclusive.
Of course more will be added to this patreon as time goes and as the interest and motivation remains (hopefully). 
I do really have some things in the works, from my own personal time while working on school work and portfolios and shit, so if you pledge I'll happily share as much of the process with you guys and give you priority over all the other boys!!

But seriously, if you contribute anything it's cool I won't tell you you HAVE to but I'd be eternally grateful! It really helps and I love getting feedback from all you guys on all the stuff I draw, so I appreciate you guys helping a bro out~

Notable places you can find me: 
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we did it and we've hit it big (thank u)
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