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About DarleneBabyiee

Our Super Adventure is a diary comic all about me, Sarah, and my everyday life with my partner, Stef, and our four cats - Pesto, Toby, Wilson and Pixel! We joke about a whole bunch with one another and we've got a shared love of videogames, music and pizza!
I started making these comics as a way of keeping track of various sweet or funny moments that happened, and since starting to post them online five years ago, they seem to have found their way to so many other people who have had similar sweet moments in their own lives and relationships!
We always thought we were kinda silly - we're definitely in the adult phase of our lives but at the same time we don't really feel like adults - but after hundreds of conversations with like-minded people at comic conventions and online, maybe we're all a little bit silly in the same way?

This time around we want to make a really special first edition print run of the book. We're looking at getting the book made with a printed cloth spine, and it's going to look incredible!
We're also going to try and put in some extra features too - we've got ideas for some bonus stretch goal pages involving the cats, photo collages of what we've been up to since the first book came out, and maybe even getting Stef to draw and colour a whole Our Super Adventure comic!
We love making these physical comic collections - we really like the idea that in an age where comics can be found and read online so easily, the physical book should be as nice as it can be! With my first Kickstarter back in 2015, I got to make a really nice 200 page hardback book for Our Super Adventure, and it literally wouldn't have happened without the wonderful support of all of the Kickstarter backers on that project!
So, we're back on Kickstarter for Our Super Adventure: Video Games and Pizza Parties, because we want to make this collection as nice it as can be, and we totally need your help to make it happen!
We also want to make some other Kickstarter exclusive things, like signed and sketched bookplates, new enamel pins, and t-shirts too!

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