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I am a freelancer who's looking to create art online.  I've always been fascinated by the art of comic-making, so I recently decided to make some comics of my own and publish them for the first time!

For now, I am primarily publishing all my works to WEBTOONS, which is totally free to use and read comics on.
If you would like to stay updated/message me/send fanart, I do have an Instagram that I check more regularly (even if I don't update often).


I am currently working on a more serious series—The Jade Rabbit
It's about mythology and legends—some from thousands of years ago and others from the last century.
Feel free to check it out!

I also have a more comedic series currently on hiatus called Me and My Pineapple Head
I don't know if I'll ever update it regularly again, but I may make another episode for it every now and then, depending on the circumstances.

So How Come You Don't Have Any Rewards?
Currently, I have been way too busy to work on my comic on a scheduled basis so it's very difficult for me to guarantee content for chapters every month.  It wouldn't sit right with me to charge you guys for stuff that I'm unable to work on due to my other jobs.
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