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Generous Rabbit
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This tier is for those generous souls who want to support me only for the purpose of supporting me!  (and also for those who don't want to get spammed with tons of art files every month, lol)

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+ Some rough draft pages of this month's released chapters

+ Some PSD files of pages of this month's released chapters

 WARNING! My PSD files do not contain the actual art layers since I do all of that in Paint Tool SAI.  If you are interested in the artistic process, please look to the Banished Immortal Tier. 

Banished Immortal
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+ All previous tier rewards

+ Some Paint Tool SAI files of this month's released chapters (with art layers)

+ WIP images of this month's released chapters

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+ All previous tier rewards


+ Some rough draft pages of pre-released scenes & upcoming chapter

+ Exclusive scenes & sketches between characters when they are made (not guaranteed every month)

+ Fully rendered artwork when it is made & its PSD/SAI files (not guaranteed every month)




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About Darlynne


I am a college student looking to create art online.  I dabble in comic-making, animating, and in traditional/digital drawing.  I've always been fascinated by the art of comic-making, so I recently decided to make some comics of my own and "publish" them for the first time!

For now, I am primarily publishing all my works to WEBTOONS.
If you would like to stay updated/message me, I do have an Instagram that I check more regularly (even if I don't update often).


I am currently working on a new, more serious series—The Jade Rabbit
Feel free to check it out!


I also have a more comedic series currently on hiatus called Me and My Pineapple Head
I don't know if I'll ever update it regularly again, but I may make another episode for it every now and then, depending on the circumstances.

So How Do Your Rewards Work?
It's pretty simple, pick a tier that you would like to support me with, and you'll receive all previous rewards for that month.

I typically will try and post the rewards after each released chapter (which would typically be around twice a month), but if there are no posts in the middle of the month, that means that all rewards will be distributed at the end of the month (Except for Divine, you'll get your pre-released content and pre-chapter info before it's out).

Why do your tiers say SOME and not ALL PSD/SAI files?
The reason for only giving Patreons a portion of my files is to prevent copying and blatantly distributing all of my work elsewhere without my permission (since you basically get the original high-quality files).  It also lowers the sheer amount of files that you'll receive in total (trust me, it's a big ol' mess that you don't wanna deal with, considering how long chapters can get).

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