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is creating miniature painting video tutorials, custom figures and statues
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YOU'RE AWESOME!! This is a great way to support my work here in my studio without breaking the bank! This help is just as important as the higher pledges, and I appreciate it just as much. Thank you for being a Patron and helping me live my dream!!!
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  • You'll get full access to my Patreon activity stream where I'll try to post random "what's on my desk" photos, details of upcoming projects, in progress pics, sketches, and any other fun stuff that gets done here in my studio!
  • Any full sets of photos from completed repaint projects I've been working on will be posted here about a week before they go up on Facebook/Instagram etc. Essentially.... you'll be living in the future! And you'll always get more photos than anywhere else!
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You are so cool!! With this you'll get:

  • All of the above
  • *THE MAIN EVENT* - I'll choose certain commissions that I think will be interesting to you and I'll record every second of me painting them. These will be uploaded here (and ONLY here) as full multi-video, real time tutorials where you get to see exactly how I do my painting, while I explain what I'm doing and why. You can ask me any questions you have afterwards and I'll help you through everything. 
  • As Studio Assistants you'll get your name in the end credits on any YouTube, Patreon or Facebook videos I do!! A genuine and heartfelt thank you from me. Total recognition for your help and support. ❤️




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About Darren Carnall

Hey Everybody! I'm Darren Carnall and I spend my days bringing collectibles to life with magic and pixie dust! (paints)

I've also done sculpting, as well as some t-shirt designs... but the majority of my time is spent on statue and 1/6 scale figure repainting. 

Clients send their precious collectibles to me, and ask me to breathe life into them, turning them from lifeless, dead-eyed factory painted items into beautifully alive hand painted pieces that could walk right off your desk. And I'm making video tutorials showing you how!!

To give them that spark of life.... to give them a SOUL takes about a week of painting, with many, MANY layers of paint... but the end result is always well worth it. 

How did I start?

It was purely by accident that I got into this line of work, and my life used to be very different! I was a financial advisor many years ago, advising people on their savings and life insurance (yawn) ...when out of nowhere my childhood epilepsy came back with a vengeance... and in an instant I lost my driving licence, got signed off work.... and didn't know what to do next. I spent the next ten years of my life pretty much doing nothing. 

Thankfully this made me take up art again as a hobby, and slowly.. over the years... I've managed to build it up into 'what I do' for a living. I've gained a bit of a name for myself with my repaints, and my work is in collections all around the world. 

The epilepsy was the best thing that ever happened to me. Art is my LIFE now. I just need to make it work...

Why Patreon?

Doing the continuous repainting commissions that I do is really wonderful, and it helps to bring in a very small, but regular income... but it leaves me with no spare time to create any NEW art without taking a financial hit. No new drawings, no new paintings, no new sculptures... no new anything. And new art is what I want to do *alongside* my existing commissions. 

I've also discovered that you guys LOVE my painting tutorials. So Patreon gives me a perfect private platform to record and produce full length painting tutorials specially tailored to what you guys like! Real time, unedited videos showing every single minute of me painting these commissions. Some people want to learn from me, some just enjoy watching me paint. 

I've got so many ideas in my mind of new things I want to do... Disney, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, Firefly.... geek paintings on canvas, original signed prints, new sculpted fridge magnets like the Baby Groot ones I did recently... SO MANY IDEAS.

....but paying the bills with repaints means they stay as that. Ideas. 

My goal with Patreon is to balance doing the repainting commissions, which I genuinely love doing... they're what I'm known for..  with the painting tutorial videos, and NEW and exciting works. Anything I can think of. Anything YOU can think of.  

Will you help me make more art?

$600 – reached! per month
My studio where I work at the moment is fine, but I could do with some more storage for my art supplies, and some extra display cabinets/shelving for my collectibles, and for things that I have made myself. There's already some behind me of course.. but I could do with more! If I reach this goal I'll finally get around to making it happen!
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