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Access to videos before public release. 

The videos will be put in an unlisted playlist, and they will be accessible the moment they are uploaded.

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Gain the ability to watch patron exclusive live streams of games that you request. For now, there is a specified list of games to chose from, but it is quite extensive.
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Not only can you watch the patron exclusive live streams, but you will also have the opportunity to join the person hosting the live stream whenever they play a multiplayer game. Your requests will also have priority when the host picks games to stream.
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About Darth_Gamers

We are all looking to make great quality videos that everyone will enjoy, but we don’t make a lot of money with just YouTube alone.
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Reaching this goal will allow us to focus on uploading at least two videos every day. At the moment, this is too difficult for us to accomplish, primarily because ColinJ420 and DarkDestroyer223 are unable to upload frequently. The quality of the videos will not be sacrificed.
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