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About UnknownHero

Welcome to Dash Society! An upcoming free-to-play horse massive multiplayer online game that has a vast world with wild horses roaming the land. 

What is Dash Society

I've been developing Dash Society for over 10 years and in that time I've learned how to make a better game. Dash is about you and your horse out in the wilds learning how to survive off the land or living in towns and villages around the world trying to make a living. Dash is about the quiet things in life and how time moves slowly.

Your horse is your companion and main mode of transportation. Your horse is how you'll survive in the wilds and earn a living. If you want to train/breed/ride/catch horses then Dash is where you want to be. Dash is a horse based economy and things are done by the labor and speed of a horse. If you want to send a message it has to be delivered on horse by a messenger.

Dash is a challenging game that forces you to grow and adapt to ever changing conditions. If winter comes you must prepare. If your horse goes missing then you must go looking for your horse or ask others for help. If you want to catch a wild horse then bring friends to help you. You do not have to go alone. You must care for your horse and keep them safe else you may be stranded in the wilderness with no way back home.

How you can help Dash Society

If you're interested in seeing a horse game that is different from all the horse games you have played then support Dash Society! Funding on Patreon helps support the creation of new content in Dash and the upkeep of servers. 


The creation of new tack would be possible with many choices on how you want your horse to look when tacked up. 

With your support on Patreon, Dash can have new exciting art for the world and for the horses. Dash has over 235 different combinations of breeds and colors. With more funding means more drawings can be to add in new breeds or more choices from breeds already in the game. Also rare horses that may only exist once or twice a generation will need to be created too! For those players who happen to acquire such a rare horse you will feel very special indeed!

I hope you consider supporting Dash Society's Development as even a small amount can make a big difference :)


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Covers the cost of the dedicated server for Dash Society. 
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