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Thank you for your donation! I love you so much, you are incredible and awesome, and you are seriously helping me out so much!!!
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Oh damn, son, you rock. Thank you so much!! This honestly means a lot to me, you so rock. For this, at the end of every video, I will put you in a Patreon Supporters list. Keep an eye out for your name In every video!!!
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Oh boy, did you hear that? I think my heart actually just skipped a beat. You honestly are the best. Not only will you be put in a Patreon Supporters list at the end of every video, just like the previous tier, but at the end of every month, I will release bits from my videos that I find funny, but usually cut out due to irrelevance or time constraints. These will be put into a single video for you to watch at your own leisure. The Deleted Scenes. DatDeletedScenes, tho.




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What is up, bros, it's ya girl, DatMelloTho here! I make pretty decent and hilarious videos (at least, I like the think so).

Now, here's the deal. I have terrible time management. That's why you'll sometimes see there are weeks or a month gap between videos. That's cuz I'm a college student in my last year, have terrible time management, and honestly, I love watching other YouTube videos as much as I love making my own. But it's also due to the fact that I do care about making quality content. People ask me how long does it take me to record and edit. I always tell them, it depends. It depends on the length of the game, the raw recorded footage, any extra funny things I put into the video (zooming, pictures, following along, subtitles, hand-drawn logos or comics, etc). Sometimes it only takes a few hours to edit a video. Other times it may take a few days, because there is so much to go through, and I get burnt out after a while and need to step away for a day or so, or I'm making new assets to add into a segment.

That being said, I can't do this all by myself. Putting time, effort, and resources into my channel leaves a hole in my funds. To be honest, when it comes to equipment, I've already go that covered. My biggest issue is my Adobe subscription. I use that bitch for everything. And without it, I can't make my videos. So you see my dilemma here, huh?

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this hogwash. I really do appreciate your time, whether it be looking at this Patreon page, watching my videos, or even sending me hate mail :)

So thank you for your time reading this, and if you decide to help support me, thank you so much for that. I couldn't possibly do this without the help, love, and support from all of you guys!!! So again, thank you, so much.
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This is to help me cover my Adobe bill every month, which I need to help me continue making the quality videos I do!
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