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is creating A Dystopian Science Fiction Blog Series
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About Dave Winnyk

What is The Futurist?
Like most science fiction writers, I am paranoid about where we are going in this pleasant continuum-- speeding ever closer to a singularity. I started The Futurist to chart out thoughts that were swirling in my brain about technology, law, and humanity. At my university, I studied the utopian/dystopian genre of literature. I was always intrigued at its potential to create such imaginative universes, yet provide such real and prescient critiques of the reality in which its creator lived. 
Why I need your support:
As of now I post one story every two weeks on Tuesday. I put around five hours into each story plus time spent maintaining and expanding my presence on the internet, and keeping the universe of The Futurist together. I would like to spend more time on this blog and give other writers/editors the opportunity to make The Futurist even better. I would like to have a few series of stories as a part of The Futurist, open submissions for people who are interested in contributing, and writing contests to help other young writers find validation and meaningful critique, and to maybe one day turn The Futurist into an actual literary magazine. Sadly I do not have the time or money to make these goals happen, so I humbly ask for your support in making this utopian/dystopian fantasy all it can be.

Check out my blog at thisisthefuturist.weebly.com
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