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  • Listen to the musings that William Shakespeare ᵐᵃʸ ʰᵃᵛᵉ described as "Lit AF."
  • Feel superior to the people who can only see the sticky notes and such
  • Live one year longer than the gypsy woman said
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  • Read jokes in progress and review my medical theses
  • See the drawings that ᵃᵇˢᵒˡᵘᵗᵉˡʸ ᵈᶦᵈ ⁿᵒᵗ inspire Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas
  • Get a schedule of any booked shows
  • Be guaranteed a spot in Heaven by an ordained minister
  • All previous abilities also unlocked
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  • I will book your tickets for any shows
  • Feel superior to literally everyone
  • An ordained minister will marry you to the person or object of your choice
  • Get a picture of me doing finger guns at you, because you're worth it. 




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"This is the first thing potential patrons will see when they land on your page, so make sure you paint a compelling picture of how they can join you on this journey. Many creators on Patreon have both a text and video description for their page. This combo is incredibly motivating for fans — it shows how real this is to you and how much you value their participation in your journey."
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