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Thank you for your support for this channel. No matter how much is given, any little bit helps. This channel survives because of you.




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Hello, I am David Weinbel. I am an undergrad student studying History. Come with me on this journey through the world!

I have always had a love for all things to do with History, psychology, philosophy, mythology, and so many other fields of study. Learning was something important to me and made me feel better about not only myself but the world. So, naturally, I wished to bring that feeling to the world.

However, as we all know, life is expensive. So, I made this Patreon! This will be my main focus area. I will post everything I make here first, along with extras that only Patrons will get, such as vlogs, podcasts, and documentaries, while the rest of my blog posts, essays, and articles will be found on my tumblr (https://darkcollector222.tumblr.com/) for free. My Patrons are my biggest supporters and I want them to know that they are special.

"Now what will the money be used for?" You may ask.
Well Trevor (Is your name Trevor? No? I'm gonna call you that anyway), Quite simply, the money will be used in improving this page. I will use it to get better recording equipment for video productions, more travel for a wider variety in study (Sadly, as much as I love Texas, I have to expand outside of it), and so I can spend more time working on this page.

So I ask, dear reader, please support me. I love teaching and I do believe in this platform, I would love to eventually make this a full time job. Thus, if you can, spare a dollar or two and help this page reach greatness together!
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With this amount, I can start building a small studio in my apartment. This will give me a great work space dedicated to making productions for the page. I will be able to give the video productions a whole new air of proffesionalism and give the viewer a better atmosphere to which the production will take place.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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