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About David Barnett

Hi! What an interesting world we live in.  Suddenly, we have the opportunity to connect with people, sharing our inspirations and fascinations.  For me, it's all about beauty, vitality, light, time, memory and relationships.  I love the stories we can create based on just one fleeting moment captured in an image.  Paintings are different than most other media and forms: They are still and quiet, requiring repeat viewings and changing interpretations.  The colors, strokes and textures contain immutable energies just as musical notes do.  I love to paint and would love to share my paintings with you.  Patreon offers us the rare opportunity to support the continued creation of art, moving us closer to a perfect world in which the artist is not showing work just to sell it.  Now, we can make art focused on the particular, based on the relationship between me and you, a relationship I hope will continue to grow and bloom

So thank you.  I truly could not do it without you.
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I want to make 20 new paintings by the end of August.  It will require research, drawing and playing.  I am inspired by the beauty in everyday things, people and places.  I love the way light reflects and makes things glow.  I want to inspire you with my work.  If you support me in my goal, I will share my drawings and small paintings with you.
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