is creating Videogames, Level design and Sculpture tutorials!
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About DavoX


My name is Leonardo "DavoX" Pellegrini

I'm a professional level designer with 10 years of experience in the industry.

I'm also an artist, script writer, sculptor, painter, etc.!

Videogames is what I love to do the most!

More about me
I have decided to make games on my own, at home, next to my wife and two beautiful daughters!

For some time, I was an employee, doing games that bored me a lot :(. I decided at some point that I wasn´t enjoying the thing I love the most, making games! So I decided to follow my heart and make the games I'd love to play instead!

"What are you working on right now Leo?"

My current project is Ion Maiden, A retro First Person Shooter game using the great Build Engine, Powered by Eduke32! I'm working with the awesomely talented people at Voidpoint, along with help from 3D Realms as publishers (Yes! That 3D Realms!)

Did you know that currently it shows a 97% overwhelmingly positive review score on Steam? Awesome!

"Hmmm I´m almost convinced DavoX, what else do you offer?"

Video Tutorials!

I Love making tutorials, timelapses of Level design, design exercises, etc.!
So if you help me on my journey, I will make sure to share all my knowledge with all of you!

"Why a Patreon page Leo?"

Because I love making games, and the games I love to make take some serious amount of work and time. Time I can only dedicate fully working from home... Problem is that usually this means no money also! That´s right. My only payment is a small percentage of royalties and the hope that people will love to play it! (Can´t wait to see you guys playing on your Youtube or Twitch channels!)

That's why I'm asking for your help to create the games and art I'm most passionate about and bring you awesome experiences you are not going to forget!

Would you lend me a hand on this adventure?

Alright Leo... Where would my money gear towards to if I help you?
With your help I´ll be able to:

  • Work from home 24/7 on videogame design and making tutorials, close to the people I love.
  • Better equipment for faster and more precise development. I'm currently working on an old Quad core :/ I'm really behind the times here, and the best tools require huge amounts of power, specially development dedicated engines like UE4, etc.
  • Better equipment means better tutorial videos! I'll be able to record 1080p videos or even 4k with smooth framerate and a good professional microphone.
  • I´ll be happy along with my family and hopefully you will be too, when you play the levels I make.
  • Of course I´ll be able to do some nice giveaways! Game Keys, exclusive content before anyone else, etc!.
  • I´ll answer your questions whenever you ask me. I want to share my knowledge and experience with all of you.

$0 of $500 per month
This goal is a great start and will help me and my wife buy our kids whatever they need. It will definitely take a huge weight off my shoulders so I can concentrate more on making an awesome game!
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