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About DazzyLindsey

Who is DazzyLindsey?
I'm DazzyLindsey or Lindsey for short, I'm a Caucasian American Artist who mostly does digital art but sometimes does traditional art.
What do you do?
I do art based on many different fandoms, mostly Sonic, Marvel, Bayonetta etc.
Where does the money go?
Coffee, I love Frappe's so maybe you can donate me some money so I can buy a Frappe. This also goes mostly for my career, I'm going to be attending college this fall so I can become a Comic Book Artist.
Do I have to support you monthly?
Of course not! Though I'd like it if you chipped in a buck or two. <3
Is that all?
Yup, that's about it. I love you all!! X3
Whenever you choose to support me or not, I love you either way.

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