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Helping to support costs of maintaining the website!  You will receive a custom made avatar and signature based on a DBS character of your choice.

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Helping support the costs of maintaining the website! You will also receive access to DBS-Forum YouTube. On this channel users can submit deck profiles, deck techs and discussion. We will add the intro and outros and upload to the channel with full credits to You.

This is to allow standalone content for new users wanting to try out having a channel without the responsibility of maintaining it. Videos must be approved by a moderator.  You will be able to add 2 Videos per month. 




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dbs-forum.com is a website built to provide the ultimate resource for everything Bandai, Chrono Clash, and Dragon Ball Super CCG. 
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All money coming in will be used to upgrade the website to match the community's wants. Plug-ins, features and everything to our access will be used.
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