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Just as an easel is the support upon which a blank canvas is placed, you are the support for me to create more cool stuff! With your contribution, you will receive a handwritten thank you note which will include a framable photo of one of my pieces.
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In every art piece there needs to be a palette where the colors dance and mix before they're assigned their places on the canvas. Just as this is a critical piece of equipment to an artist, your support will be used to broaden my reach, intensify my voice and begin the creation process itself.

By contributing at this level, you will receive a handwritten Thank You note as in the previous tier, and you will also receive a monthly status update showing you just what your support is doing as well as a small matted print from my collection.

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Throw the damned box away!

I am a 5 year old abstract expressionist in a grownup’s body. I am passionate about color, movement, freedom and extending my reach as an artist. As a self-taught experimental mixed media artist with a uncompromising passion for play, I have been arting most of my life but don't feel I got serious until 20 years ago. I paint from her gut, using mostly acrylics to fasten the fleeting thoughts and emotions to canvas and paper.

I blame my Irish roots for my passion for storytelling and my works tell tales on a visceral empathic level. I love that my art can express what words cannot and I teach her process to others who have issues voicing who they are.

Just as my paintings have multiple levels of expression, I am also a wife, a mother, a published author, an educator, and an advocate for not only working outside the box, but throwing the damned thing away!

The Story Of An Artist

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted to be an artist like her Daddy. She tried and tried but could never make anything work out right. So she gave up on her artist dream and filled her mind and her life with other ones: being a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother.

One day, when she was all grown, her dream of being an artist found her again. There was much celebration as these two halves became whole again and the little girl welcomed the woman and vice versa.

Far from The End.

I share myself with others through my pieces and my "PlayShops" and i help others who have given up on their creative dreams to reconnect, reaffirm and rediscover that part of themselves.
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