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is creating a library of step-by-step fine art video tutorials
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  • Step by step photos, explanations & video blog as I make a painting.
  • Watch me trouble-shoot the problems when a painting isn't working!
  • Demonstration and explanation of my hard-won tips and tricks in painting.
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  • Watch me trouble shoot and critique the in-progress works of my students
  • Sneak peek exclusive early access to see completed paintings (you'll see them at least two weeks before anyone else!)
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  • Access to my academic blog and my essays on aspects of the fine arts.
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About De Gillett

I am a multi-award winning fine artist and art teacher of more than 30 years’ experience, utterly obsessed with colour and movement. 
Since the tender age of 7, I knew I would be a career artist.
Now, 50 years and thousands of paintings later, I have committed to documenting and sharing online my process and progress; my painting triumphs, and how I fix it when things don’t go quite so triumphantly. I'm capturing critiques of my student's works, and demonstrating all my hard-won tips and tricks in a searchable library.
Your monthly membership will directly fund my ability to collate, preserve and share the countless things I have learned over a lifetime of making paintings & being a successful visual artist. As a supporter, you will be in the engine room helping to build a world where creatives like you and me have access to the answers they need to build their own creatively fulfilling life.

I love to teach the practical aspects of making bold, painterly, beautiful, lyrical and meaningful art. Art has opened so many doors for me in my life, and if I can nudge those doors open for others, (and by others, I mean YOU!) then that feels like a life well-lived!
The idea that you may be willing to become a patron and help me afford more materials & time to continue my experimenting & problem solving in painting thrills me to my core. I’ve never believed in keeping secrets from my students, and video-blogging takes that to a whole new fingers-crossed level of exposure. I am SO looking forward to getting to know you, making the clips you ask for, and seeing all the exciting stops on this journey we can take together!
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for warming your clever, creative hands at my fire :)
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When I reach 400 patrons I'll be able to make the time to shoot and upload a minimum of 2 tips, tricks and techniques videos each week, and hopefully be organised enough to release them at the same time each week! Hey, I'm a creative... no promises that I'll ALWAYS be on time!
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