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About Dead Company

Dead Company is a media group that focuses on media surrounding games, anime, podcasts and general overall nerd content! The home of the newest creation One Piece Abridged! also the original creators of Dead company's Tales of the Waste!  

How can you help? Well abridging takes time, any content takes time. It also takes money. Now we love doing this and are currently doing this out of pocket, but with the help and support of you guys, we can really make this a well oiled functioning machine! With that kind of support, we can put all of our attention and time right into getting you the content you all deserve! At the end of they day, we just want to entertain! Even if it's a small amount, it helps us really pursue our dreams of film making! 

Even if you can't afford to back us, thank you for your support! Money doesn't grow on trees, and we know that most of the people who enjoy our content are young like we are and don't have the means to send money; that doesn't matter at all. We freaked out when our YouTube channel hit 100 subscribers, were stunned when we passed 200, and now we are up to 300 in three months. There aren't any words that describe how much every fan means to us. We have been sent beautiful fan art and even a music video featuring scenes from our show, and at the end of the day that's all we need. I tear up when I think about it. We love you all.
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With this goal met we could put 100% into our work! We wouldnt have to worry about our day jobs anymore and that means more content, better content, more streams, and more fun for everyone! We could actually really take this group to the next levels and bring some truly amazing projects to life! Any and all support is appreciated 
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