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About Sean Tilley

Hey, I'm Sean! You might know me from the Diaspora, Hubzilla, or Mastodon communities as "that guy that obsesses over Free Software, Free Culture, and Decentralization".

Currently, I'm working on two ongoing initiatives:

WeDistribute is a publication I've been writing since about 2015, and is dedicated entirely to the decentralization of the Internet, with a specific emphasis on social web initiatives. I spend a lot of time writing about Free Software projects being developed for the fediverse, an ad-hoc volunteer-run supernetwork of interconnected servers.

At this point, all of WeDistribute's content is published on Medium, but in the coming months I will be working to migrate all of my writing to, in an effort to launch a formal publication. In the spirit of the decentralization movement, the goal is for all of my published articles to be available through the federated web.

VidCommons is a project to provide a video hub of media released under permissive Creative Commons and Public Domain licenses: namely documentaries, films, and animated shorts. The project aims to collect, catalog, and distribute all of this media through a dedicated PeerTube instance, in an attempt to serve two complementary goals:

1. Distribute freely-available media throughout the video portion of the fediverse so that newcomers have something to watch, that can be legally distributed.

2. Increase exposure of Free Culture creators who audiences maybe otherwise haven't heard about, and give viewers the opportunity to support them.

Currently, VidCommons has 21 videos, 11 of which are documentaries. I hope to add many more things here, but the process for seeking out media and preparing it for upload and distribution is currently very time-consuming.
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