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Another Day, Another Dollar
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Money is money, doesn't matter how big or small it could be, but a "Thank you" is a must, so thank you for 1Dolla.
Personal "Thank You" Video
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I will personally thank you through a video for that much, although my face would be masked, just like in the videos.
I'll Drink to That
per month
I will a) say your name in one of my YouTube videos, b) thank you and c) drink Boba Bola to that and then probably burp.




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Thank you for stopping by. Usually I don't introduce myself with a name, but you can call me anything. I'm 23 years old and my birthday is on 27th of December, just in case I don't update my age here. I make music using FL Studio 12 and other random videos. I've been doing this for a decade at least, some people did see my videos back in the day, but I never really got the benefit I wanted. Since Patreon is a thing for a little while now, I thought I could use it to get the support and love that I desperately need from you guys and keep doing what I love, for your entertainment.

If it all goes according to plans and succeed in the way, this could become my full time job as a YouTube and an introvert musician, although I'm a NEET, which basically means I don't have a job or studying in any educational system.

I know that some days in the future, I will get your support and the love that I seek. It's all possible, the only price is time. So thank you for your support in advance and I will see you on the other side of the Internet, probably.
$0 of $100 per month
I can't think of a milestone type of goal, but $100 per month would be beyond thankful, as well as helpful. I could feed myself with it and save some for better equipments.
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