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About Dean Daughters (Electronisounds)

WELCOME Music producers and music lovers!

For those of you who want to help support me and the work I do -- THANK YOU!

Making videos and sharing my production knowledge takes a lot of time, and your support is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

All of my videos are available to watch for free on YouTube.

I am an electronic music producer / sound designer for 25+ years (since before people were using computers and DAWs to make music).

I have produced and released over 150+ tracks,  125+ sample packs and synthesizer/sampler sound banks, and I produce in MANY electronic music genres.  

I produce with Ableton Live, Hardware gear and iOS music apps, and recently began sharing my production knowledge and INSPIRATION via tutorial videos on YouTube.  I'm adding as much new content as possible.

$84 of $500 per month
I have so much to share with you :) 

If we reach this goal, it would really help me to spend as much time as possible making new tutorial videos and channel content.

2019 is going to be huge, Friends - So many special projects are coming!

I need your support to keep doing this. 


Days off are for suckers... 

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