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Access to the Exclusive Patreon-Only Stream!  In this stream you will be able to talk with me and all the other patrons.  There will also be exclusive behind the scenes photos and sneak peeks on videos and music.
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You will get a digital download of every video past this point.  As well as every song past this point you will receive a download link to get the song for FREE!

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With this tier you will get access to a one hour Live Stream Q&A session every month.  We can discuss what I am working on how I do my editing process or we could just talk all talk together about what every you guys want its completely up to you!

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About Caleb Baker

My name is Caleb Baker and I am known on YouTube under the name DearTelevision. I make VFX shorts, short films, and am now branching off and making musical medleys, covers, and original music to share with everyone.

Patreon is much like Kickstarter in the fact that you donate to someone's cause. The big difference between these two is that in Kickstarter you donate for one big project where on Patreon you donate per video I release. You can pledge any amount you would like and get some of the cool rewards listed below.

If you are on a budget not a problem! You can set a monthly cap on your donation so you never exceed a specific amount no matter how many videos I release that month. You will only be charged for every main video I release and wont be charged for behind the scenes or update videos I post to the channel.

You can always adjust your pledge amount after the initial pledge to get some cooler rewards when they come out or if for some reason you need to cancel your pledge its not a problem.

The reason I chose to start a Patreon campaign is because I want to start making videos on a more consistent basis and at a higher quality.  

With your support I will be able to put out content faster and work toward:
  • Getting equipment to record music
  • Purchasing lenses for my camera
  • Purchasing steady cam rigs to mount cameras on
  • Getting a more powerful computer in order to cut down on rendering times

Creating videos is my passion and is what I want to do for my career.  I would love to take each and every one of you on my journey as I try to accomplish this task and along the way you can watch as my skills grow.

I am always thankful that people will take the time out of their day to watch my videos and share them, so my content will always remain free to watch on YouTube.  However, if you decide to become my patron, I will put your contribution to work and making the videos that much better.  Thank you for all of your support!
$9 of $100 per Video
With this money I will get sound proofing foam to make a room in which we can do voice overs and record music inside. I will also be purchasing small upgrades and plug-ins for VFX work.
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