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is creating The FATTEST Outdoor Videos
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Baby Socklings
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  • Your name in the end credits of every single video
  • Access to my Discord server
  • Your name carved into my desk
  • Facetime me anytime you want and i WILL answer
  • Know that every cent i recieve will go towards making the content better (Dirtbikes, Bows, ghillie suits, Spears, Knifes, 4x4 truck) etc
  • A private little message from me thanking you

Little Sock
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  •  Get  my Snapchat with custom Snapchat video to you
  •  Facetime me Live on stream whenever you want 
  •  Preview my movies early, i will always send you little snippets and ask for your opinion on it as i go along editing
  •  Access to all previous tier rewards
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  • If you want a custom request, just dm me and let me know what you want, for example.....edit a photo for you, feature on a song for you, play a game for you. just let me know and ill probably do it.
  •  Access to all previous rewards 




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About The International Declan Fund Organization

I want to be able to create the most immersive and entertaining MOVIES that people have ever seen in their LIFE, 100% of the money i receive from Patreon will be put straight back into all of the movies i make. This will cover the costs for equipment in future movies such as a dirtbike, ghillie suit, snorkel, flippers, better camera, lenses, binoculars, flashlights, tripods, fishing rod and that's just to name some of the top things on my list. So i really hope people can believe in me just as much as i believe in myself and see the potential that i have and that they want to see me grow and succeed to be as big as i possibly can.

I see Patreon as a family, the closest ones that care are going to want to take the extra step to want to support me as a creator, it not only supports me and my movies but its going to help my parents and friends in specific. So if you do end up supporting me and truly see the passion i have then i couldn't thank you enough.
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Every time this goal is reached it brings us one step closer to Patty and I moving out and being able to broaden our horizons with new content and new ideas.
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