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You'll get one zine a month! It might be political; it might be about grandma telling a telemarketer she's having sex with grandpa. Anyway it'll definitely come to your very own mailbox.
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Class videos before they're available to the public. They'll be different ways to make a zine or pop-ups or whatever cool image-making technique you can do at home that I can come up with.




Welp, Deconstructed Artichoke Press (aka Nikki Thompson) makes zines that talk about feminism, politics, and life. She loves making zines from a single sheet of paper with amazing folding patterns. Wowee!

If you like origami, liberal opinions based in fact, zines, interesting stuff to hold in your hand,  and nerdy things like that, you'll love these zines.

She can be found at, on Instagram and sometimes Twitter (d_artichoke), and on Facebook (DeconstructedArtichokePress).
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I buy a lot of printmaking paper and book cloth, which can be very expensive.
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