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About Trinity Contini

Hi! My name is Trinity Contini. I am currently in my 20’s and always been a writer/ artist at heart. I made Poetry/stories and Art since I was a little girl. I've always enjoyed getting my deep feelings and interests down on whatever I can get my hands on.

          Since middle school I discovered my talent of writing through poetry. I began a class assignment called " I Am From". This was my first attempt at poetry, from there I was opened into a world of imagination and emotions. I wrote more than 50 poems after that throughout the years. At one point I submitted " I Am From" to an online contest and ended up in the top finials, didn't win however I was published in a book along with others, " In My Lifetime". You can find my poem on page 91! I have always been proud of this achievement! My poetry consist of my feelings growing up, so they aren't all as happy as people would believe it to be.. Now for my stories, I have a few started and planned out but not finished. I started one in Middle school as well and I could never seem so finish it. Hopefully I can be inspired to continue !

As for my art goes, I've improved my art drastically. I'm happy that I could escape life through creativity. I've been in art class since elementary and went into the AP Art program in High school. I've always been so critical of my work, it usually takes me a while to complete it in my own way. I've never been a textbook art Student and I finally accepted my view/ style on my pieces. I decided to sell my best works by making them into Prints. I imagine selling them on the side would have been a nice hobby and a way to make extra for myself.

*I made GhoulishtaleStudios as an extension of myself, my goal is to create content such as; art, writings and even videos of topics that Im passionate about. I want to be able to connect with people and make a small impact to those around me. I want to be able to use platforms as a way to express myself further. *

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Over the years I have written many poems to help face daily struggles.
My goal is to compile all of my past poems into books and publish it for everyone to enjoy. 
Any support I receive is greatly appreciated! 
Thank you!
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