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is creating stories about badass women in history

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Hi, I'm Dee, a 26-year-old British freelance writer based in Berlin. I love to spend my time seeking out badass women throughout history, using my Broadly (VICE) articles to bring these inspirational figures back to the wider consciousness. If I were to have a slogan on my author page, it'd probably be, "I do the reading so you don't have to." If that's not a commodity these days, I don't know what is. 

My biggest hitters so far were my stories on a '60s sex book that was banned by the U.S. Supreme Court and a Polish-Jewish ballerina who shot Nazis on her way to the gas chamber. I was even invited onto Irish national radio to give my - very nervous - insight on the former.

Of course, actually reading books takes me a hell of a lot longer than the writing hours for which I'm paid, making this sporadic work a rather unsustainable indulgence. I would love to have the means to take this passion more seriously, and eventually grow into a larger platform - or even a book!

If you don't fancy becoming a patron but still wanna give me a little leg-up, here's my PayPal: [email protected] 

Thank you ;)
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