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There isn't really a reward for this other than my thanks for the support. I deeply appreciate any amount pledged.
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  • If you pledge five dollars, I will create a custom chibi-head icon for you (examples here)! This can be of any character you like, including your own if you provide me with a reference! When the icon is complete, I will provide you with both a small and large version of the icon.
  • I'll mail you (2) Chaos Cola bottlecaps and one F:NM Pip-Nicole bottlecap!
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  • Additional chibi-head icon if you desire for a total of 2
  • I will share various F:NM sketches not shared publicly (for instance, looks into developing character designs and roles)

  • I will mail you (3) Chaos Cola bottlecaps, (1) F:NM Pip-Nicole bottlecap, (1) F:NM Sonic bottlecap




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About Deebs/Fini-mun

Hi there, my name is Deebs (or Fini-mun).
This Patreon was originally set up around my fan-blog called 'Fallout: New Mobius', a Sonic/Fallout crossover of sorts. However I have been using it for my art in general, with sketches of things that don't make it anywhere else (as they are WIPs of things that haven't been finished/may not see the light of day otherwise), experimental pieces, and full size images.

These days I am trying to focus more on developing my art and myself as an artist. Please consider supporting me in this endeavor :)

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