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Tweet me a picture at @DeepDreamThis and I'll deep dream it for you! And I can make GIFs too!

What's @DeepDreamThis?

@DeepDreamThis is the first bot on Twitter able to create deep dreams in seconds. It's also the first service which allows you to customise deep dreams. You can add some parameters in your tweet to tweak some of the parameters involved in the generation of the deep dreams. There's more than puppy faces in here! To get started, tweet a picture with "-random" to see what @DeepDreamThis will create for you!

How does it work?

The technology behind deep dreams has been developed by Google Research. Neural networks are artificial intelligence networks inspired by how our brain works. They are commonly used for face and object detection in images. But Google went a step further, and inverted the process. What if instead of asking if a picture contains a dog, we ask the neural network to make it looks more like a dog?

Google Research has recently released the source code used to make deep dreams, inviting more and more people to experiment with them. And this is where @DeepDreamThis comes into the story! I've decided to create an online service, free for everyone to use.

Why Patreon?

It is my intention to keep @DeepDreamThis free for everyone. Despite this, running this service has a lot of costs. The server which is running the heart of the deep dreams requires lot of resources, and they don't come for free. On top of these costs, I'm investing more and more time into this project, and I'd like to be able to keep improving @DeepDreamThis by adding new features and ensure the service runs smoothly. There's more than puppy faces in here; I want technology not to be a bridge between science and art, not a barrier.


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By reaching $50 a month I can cover the direct costs of running this service, which include the servers and the hosting.
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