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If you can support me at a tenner a month, which is a lot for many people, thank you!!  Your karma will definitely perk.   When you are cycling through Dublin, carefully going the wrong way on a one way street, perhaps thinking self-righteously about how they really need a contra-flow bike lane right there (bottom of Parnell Square) and your shopping bag explodes, the woman cycling the wrong way right behind you will stop to help you collect everything, and load it awkwardly into the basket of her bicycle because there's nowhere else to put it.  A second woman will dart her way through traffic (on foot) and give you two cloth bags, thereby saving the day!  (P.S. this actually happened to me.)  




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About Deirdre Murphy

I am in the heady buzz of the creative practice right now and sharing that feels like the most gorgeous thing to do.   Today I sat with my dear friends and talked about different female archetypes and different ways of invoking them, and how each one can inspire us along the road of this dance theatre/experimental opera thing we're making (coming soon to a theatre near you; the festival lineup is not public yet!).   Afterward we got up and started jamming with the electric guitar, body surfing the keyboard, playing with sounds and phrases, making the guitar resonate with the hair dryer, etc.  We had this lovely silly glorious dance in the living room, all ate bananas, and went our separate ways.    That, my dearlings, is a best example of the kind of rehearsal day that Patreon gives me.  We are on the brink of an undiscovered universe: this universe of the show we're devising.  It is an exciting and invigorating place to be!   And you, my patrons, are helping to make this particular small universe happen.   

If you are not familiar with my work, I would like to give you very general overview:

Capitalism: The Musical was the first music and the first play I ever wrote, and sharing it was a gratifying, trusting, and at times terrifying process.  For me, the most successful element of the show is the community which formed around it.  Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of creating a beloved community, and that was the strength of the show -- we were a beloved community both in the cast and crew (22-25 folks including full band), and in the audience.  The last time it went up was in May 2017, and since then multiple people -- multiple people!! -- have told me they saw it seven times.  Seven times!!!!  That right there is a community of an audience.   The show is on hiatus right now; I worked on it for six years and needed a big break -- but even writing this just now I have the stirrings of wanting to get back and record the music.   Here's one of the songs we did record, I hope you enjoy it!
Here is the trailer:

I also made or co-made the shows Drinking From the Well (2011); Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio for Maximum Sex Attraction,, (2012); the solos Wax Hands; In Whose Hands; and A Leg to Stand On, (2012-15), and Thoughts and Prayers in The Autonomy Project, 2018.   I have enjoyed collaborating and performing with many people.  

In addition to the new experimental opera, I'm also doing other work in music.  I am a couple weeks away from launching a small crowd funding campaign, to make music videos for three of my songs.  I sing back up for Leonard's Corner, a Leonard Cohen tribute band -- our next gig is Valentine's Day.  I am doing movement direction for a new play by Paula Longeran.   I'm also teaching yoga, acro, handstands and ballet.  And parenting my beautiful children.  

2018 was a big learning curve for me in too many ways to enumerate -- a year of extreme highs (learning new amazing stuff!) and lows (eviction!).  I learned so much that it is remarkable it all got crammed in to 2018.  The Christmas holidays gave me a welcome chance to decompress and 
re-establish a comfort zone, after some edgy months.  I am coming in to the new year with an open heart, and open mind, and a full creative schedule. 

I'd like to offer the same level of reward for all options. If you can comfortably support me at 2 dollars a month, my gratitude knows no bounds and I don't like the reward structure that says those who can pay more deserve more. Maybe this will bite me in the ass in the long run, but for now it's the option I'm most comfortable with. 

And so, for your 2, 5, 10, 15, 40, 50, 100 or a million bucks a month I will:

Write songs, and sing them.  I'm thrilled that music has become my first voice, artistically.   I love the challenge of searching out a rhyme, of creating the most suitable sequence of notes for an idea, and then being brave enough to expose those things to the world!   In addition to original music, I'll post up the cover songs I've been working on.  I also regularly sing traditional songs with a couple of friends, and will be posting those up here as well.

Offer occasional videos in Yoga instruction. I have taught Vinyasa Flow, Hatha (more gentle) flow, Ashtanga, prenatal, mum and baby, Yoga Nidra, and Acroyoga, and have been teaching yoga for 14 years. My videos will be versatile and there will be something for everyone.

I'd like to offer video of myself doing something physical that I find interesting -- could be handbalancing, movement/dance, trapeze, acro, improvisational song/dance. Bit of a wild card, this!

My bio is here....
Deirdre Murphy (writer, composer) is the primary creator of Capitalism: The Musical. She is interested in making life more accommodating, grounding, and stimulating. She does this by performing, writing music, making theatre, dancing, teaching yoga, dance, and acroyoga, training circus, throwing parties, raising children, knitting, cooking, and standing on her hands. Deirdre co-founded and directed Fumbally Court Studio from 2011-2017. She is interested in provoking political and cultural analysis through her work. She has been the recipient of several Art Council of Ireland grants, and has shown her work in Ireland, the USA (with the support of Culture Ireland) and Canada.

$220 of $400 per month
400 dollars a month would be a tremendous security blanket for me.  I would feel cloaked in love.  
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