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With this amount of money, I can create prints for my galleries on an ‘as needed’ basis. This covers gallery fees and helps me to keep my inventory. Patrons at this level will receive monthlybehind-the-scenes photos and videos to see what actually goes on behind the shot!
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About Deirdre Denali Rosenberg

I am a nature photographer based in the Southwest. I am a passionate conservationist and my work aims to capture why we, as humans, need wild places. I believe strongly that we can change the world by protecting wilderness and the animals that call those areas home.

As I work towards my goals, you can follow along with expeditions and adventures on my instagram page: @deirdredenaliphotography or at -which I will admit, I am quite terrible with updating.

I appreciate your support of me and of this higher cause I am working towards.

First art book is due out in 2020 :)
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